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More options in Makeup Photo

I’d like to have more additional options in Makeup Photo, for example to be able to change eye color, or virtual makeup - apply lipstick and eye shadow, etc.
Response from the site administrator
Nataliya, 09.02.2011
We have added a wrinkle removal tool to service ) Try it out!
happy_fisher, 06.07.2010, 09:23
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Commenting on others' albums and pictures

It would be nice to be able to comment on others' photos and albums
happy_fisher, 06.07.2010, 08:49
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I want makup photos of my pets =)

I have cat and dog and want edit photos of them)
Lilu, 09.07.2010, 12:25
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to save photos in its original size

The site does a realy great job! the pity is that the final image is smaller than the original
pedro-rafael, 21.07.2010, 00:02
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can put make-up on faces you choose, i.e. how many faces there are, and even if that person isn't facing front-on!

You can only put make-up on people that face front-on!! You should make it that you can put auto make-up on people even if it's just half a face, or if they're facing at an angle. Additionally you should be able to select how many faces are to be...
nick, 30.07.2010, 00:51
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make VIP effects

I like VIP, I'm eager to pay!!!
Trankl, 13.07.2010, 13:45
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all is great, but having an option to change the background to your liking would make this even better.

to add a different background to the existing photo, for example if you have taken the photo in a pub, change the background (pub) to a sea side background. This could mean a person, animal or object.. Also, withing this option to give the...
D. D., 30.09.2010, 19:31
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do nothing!!!! This site is absolutely fantastic!!!!! I was searching and searching for a site that could remove oily shine from my photos and this works really great! THANK YOU!!

CH, 16.07.2010, 18:02
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funny super heroes

azzahra melati, 16.10.2010, 05:04
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Please add more funny photo options. Thanks

Ed, 08.10.2010, 21:23
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make it more user friendly

to use the program for people that are new at useing the photo programs
Response from the site administrator
Nataliya, 24.09.2010
Please write in comments what interface elements need to be changed and how? You can send us the examples at customercare (dog) or write "example" website addresses in the comments here.
spikie, 16.07.2010, 16:35
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i need emo style

cheva, 26.09.2010, 15:24
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to add the photo corrections like damaged or old photos to do some correction and add life to them.

shivanand, 15.08.2010, 19:08
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add wedding frames

Donna DUPUIS, 01.08.2010, 17:23
222 votes Vote

Add Elvis Presley's Photomontage on his 33rd Anniversary !

I suggest you add Elvis' Funny Photo to the collection on this occation ! Maddona, Merlyn Monroe's photos etc can also be added ! Thank you, Miri
Miri, 16.08.2010, 12:17
214 votes Vote

take on picture and add one person into it

like a picturre of mee and add justin bieber right beside me
lexi, 04.08.2010, 04:59
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Reduce the print on the screen. its nice and qwik but theres lots going on.

Theres lots of writing and adverts ont he screen. It takes careful reading to navigate your way. Although its an awsome site when you get going.
Candice Farrell, 17.08.2010, 18:37
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it wont let me do anything to my pictures

it wont let me doing anything to my pictures when i upload them i've tried making them a little smaller and using different photos and it just wont work for me >:/
Response from the site administrator
SmartCat, 25.07.2011
What browser are you using? And was it service that you used to make a photo smaller?
ivana, 05.06.2011, 03:34
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To put a 'Type In Text' compartment in the watermark section. And to add a transparency compartment as well

Smile, 29.08.2010, 10:08
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I emailed to myself from my phone and photo ended up here. How do I delete? Is this a joke?

Response from the site administrator
Nataliya, 31.07.2011
Hi Jane!
Please specify where your photo appeared? At website or somewhere else?
Jane, 28.07.2011, 07:26
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let us do the effect on our own

i'm farah ...
farah fazlinda, 14.09.2010, 05:52
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To add more beautiful fonts as beautiful as the watermark!Thanks

I think the fonts of the watermarks are more beautiful~ I hope the fonts for typing the name of the fun photo to be more beautiful~
Natalie , 31.07.2010, 09:11
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make bollywood stars pics too

Response from the site administrator
Nataliya, 02.06.2011
For those who want to make effects with Bollywood stars: - template with Aishwarya Rai - photo effect with Shah Rukh Khan

More Bollywood effects are coming soon, check the updates on of follow on Twitter -
neeraj, 04.08.2010, 18:32
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for apllying a sound with in the album

Spinkiss, 07.08.2010, 02:40
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i wish to have cartoon characters frames for the childrens

minerva, 28.08.2010, 03:03
68 votes Vote

Photo with NFL Players

Gwendolyn, 21.07.2010, 04:18
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NIKHIL, 12.09.2010, 16:58
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i love cats
gabriela, 18.09.2010, 01:33
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that when we upload our photo for editing this will still remain in to your site ,this is wrong so i think u have to improve it!!!!!!!and remain all is very good in this site ,this provides us every type of frame ...thanx

prarthy, 25.07.2010, 06:12
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how to delete photo

i wanna delete my photo from here, how i can delete it
ramshad, 13.08.2013, 01:17

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